Togo digital ecosystem

Complete overhaul of the digital ecosystem of Togo création of a country portal as well as internet sites of the various ministries of the government according to a same graphic charter.

A website called “Public Service”, which describes all the administrative procedures in Togo has been set up. The same applies to the “Open Data” site, which publishes basic technical and economic data on Togo, and the “Official Gazette Online” site, which publishes all statutory and regulatory instruments adopted in Togo.

The site “Creation of a Business online” aims to improve business environment and allows the creation of a business online in Togo, in 24 hours, no matter where you are.

  Ministries / Other Websites
1 Country Portal
2 Prime Minister’s Office
3 Ministry of Post & Digital Economy
4 Ministry of Communication
5 Ministry of Grassroots Development
6 Ministry of Finance
7 Ministry of Environment
8 Ministry of Mines and Energy
9 Ministry of Higher Education and Research
10 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
11 Ministry of Social Action
12 Presidency
13 Ministry of Infrastructure
14 Ministry of Urban Development
15 Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education
16 Ministry of Health
17 Ministry of Trade
18 Ministry of Development Planning
19 Ministry of Territorial Administration
20 Ministry of Justice
21 Ministry of Agriculture
22 Ministry of Security
23 Ministry of Civil Service
24 Ministry of Defence
25 Ministry of Technical Education
26 Public Service
27 Official Gazette Online Site
28 Open Data Site
29 Creation of a Business Online (coming soon)
30 Tourism (coming soon)
31 Investors Site (coming soon)